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5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

As you get your staff and business operations ready for 2019, it’s also critically important to consider your marketing plan. Since your customers expect to easily find and enjoy the products and services they need and desire, you’ll need to invest in more customization and ease of use than ever. By sharing my annual “What’s Hot” list with your marketing department now, they can begin prepping for the changes and alterations they need to make to better reach your target audience and enjoy a full year of success.

1. Improving the user experience

DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THE TEAM IS COMPETENT & KNOWLEDGEABLE : A haphazard approach to marketing is unlikely to produce a consistent and pleasant user experience. Unless your marketing team is collaborating on every initiative, and they have the experience and knowledge necessary to carry out an organized and coherent plan, your digital marketing is unlikely to be everything it could be. It's easy to underestimate the value of digital marketing, but the Internet has never been more important to business. Make sure there are no obvious holes in your marketing team.

DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT YOU'RE FOCUSED ON THE RIGHT CHANNELS Digital marketing strategies fail when a business isn't putting their resources into the right channels. Some rely entirely on a single tactic for traffic generation and monetization. Others spread themselves out way too thin. Both extremes have their dangers. If you're only using one tactic to draw people to your website, you may not be adequately diversified to create a sustainable approach to business. The plug could be pulled on that channel somewhere down the line. On the other hand, if you're running like a headless chicken trying to stay on top of a dozen different platforms, you're not going to be able to do a good job of engaging, interacting with your audience, and answering questions. Make sure you know where your audience is and what channels yield the highest return.

2.Digital marketing becomes omni-channel

What is Omni Channel Marketing?

You must have seen it quoted in leading business and management publications. Yet it isn’t the same as multi-channel marketing where you add mobile, blogging, social media, web to your existing promotional strategy. now we will discuss more information about the Omni Channel Marketing. It is a very important marketing strategy.

Religion tells us God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. In marketing parlance, Omni channel marketing refers to a situation where the product or brand is with the consumer everywhere- be it in the retail shop, social media, online, in mobile apps, mobile sites or on the mobile phone providing an inter-connected and seamless experience. When properly deployed omni channel marketing can drive sales and create brand equity.

Your brand should be omnipresent

Today consumers don’t go to a retail shop and buy a product that is available off the shelf. They search online or come to know of it from their friends or colleagues, or they might have seen a promotion on Facebook or TV. The diverse channels should be interconnected so that buying becomes a seamless experience buyer cherish. It is not the same as running a campaign in all the channels which are promotional ones in which case it is only multi-channel marketing.

A customer walks into a footwear retail store and buys a few products but couldn’t buy favorite shoes as the required size was not available. The next day he gets an SMS regarding a 50 Indian Rupee discount for next shopping and as he passes by another showroom of the same company, he gets a message informing him the shoes he was looking for is available right here.

Starbucks is reportedly the most famous brand that has got the best returns on their omni channel strategy. A regular Starbucks customer reported a case where he saw a promo of the company in the Facebook Newsfeed to register for the loyalty program and get a free drink. To join the rewards program, all that the customer needs to do is to download the app and link it to Paypal or bank account to make and receive payments. This led him to visit Starbucks again to avail the offer and get rewarded in the process.

3.More advertising investment on Snapchat and

Instagram Stories aims to lower the bar for sharing all types of photos and video — and not just the carefully planned and painstakingly touched-up photographs that are typical of the service, Mr. Systrom said.

“Our mission has always been to capture and share the world’s moments, not just the world’s most beautiful moments,” he said. “Stories will alleviate a ton of the pressure people have to post their absolute best stuff.”
A spokeswoman for Snapchat declined to comment on Instagram’s new product.

As Snapchat has matured in recent years, with more than 150 million users who visit the app on a daily basis, it has become a dangerous foe to Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat, based in the Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles, is now valued at around $19 billion and has released a number of advertising products, which brands have eagerly latched onto to experiment with video and facial recognition ads.

Snapchat Stories, a departure from the company’s original direct messaging service, has been a hit for essentially acting as a 24-hour photo and video diary viewable only by those who follow the user.

4.Email and Marketing Automation

Email has been a popular tool for digital marketing. But, with time, it has changed and it now gives a personalised experience to consumers. Nowadays, businesses send email to different subscribers on the basis of their interests, which they get to know about by analysing the type of content they engage in. Personalisation, therefore, makes email more effective. However, personalisation is not only applicable to email, but also to marketing efforts. Enterprises should focus on improving email communications and start repurposing it as a lead nature and consumer engagement tool. Thus, they should adopt marketing automation. It has many benefits.
eliminates time wastage, thereby, allowing marketing representatives to contact more leads without wasting man hours and money. Since marketing automation software has all the records, it can send alerts to help people stay on track. Marketing automation also increases collaboration between the marketing and sales department. It makes all the information about a lead or a customer available to any department that needs it.
2019 is a year of digital marketing. With new trends coming in, there are innumerable ways by which business enterprises can attract more consumers and provide them with satisfactory services

5.Native Advertising And Mobile Video

Native mobile video advertising looks set to take off based on the upward trend in mobile video ads. eMarketer report that US mobile video advertising spend grew 80.6% last year and will reach nearly $7bn by 2019.
But what exactly is native mobile video advertising? And how can mobile advertisers and publishers take advantage of this new, but rapidly developing opportunity? We give you the lowdown on this exciting native advertising approach.

What Is Native Mobile Video Advertising?

Traditional mobile video adverts are typically 15-30 second long clips, which will be used in a number of different networks and contexts by developers. They may even be used in a way that forces users to interact with them, such as the unskippable pre-roll advertising you may see before a Youtube video.
Mobile native video adverts, on the other hand, are presented natively within a selected app and will usually autoplay in silence until the user interacts, fitting naturally into the form and function of a mobile app without disturbing the user experience.
This approach benefits video content that tells interesting stories and naturally captures the user’s attention. In turn, this means that brands with clear messaging and inventive creative ideas, such as Facebook themselves, are well placed to use mobile native video ads effectively. Engagement comes as a function of quality content rather than brute force.

Why Use Native Mobile Video Advertising?

Simply put, native mobile video advertising performs better than other video adverts and other mobile adverts on the basis of several factors.
Looking at how native video adverts perform in comparison to other video ads, a report from Sharethrough and Nielsen indicates a clear lift in brand awareness resulting from native video adverts in comparison to formats such as pre-roll.
Furthermore, comScore conclude that consumers are more likely to recall a product, recommend it and purchase it after watching a native mobile video advert than the traditional mobile advertising they use.
The reason why native mobile video advertising does so well is because it is an engaging format. As this example advert from Mobile Strike shows, a native mobile video advert is an interesting, persuasive and natural way of demonstrating why your brand or product is great without resorting to a hard sell.